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How To Win As Volibear Against Teemo?

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  • hii,
    hese problems are amplified when I am against him in a 2vs1 lane, no matter whether he is the 1 or part of the 2. If I have duo top, he gets ahead in levels, and with help of jungler, well fed. If he is in duo top, no matter whether his blind and/or move quick is up or not, his lane partner stops me and they destroy me. Jungler comes, and he gets double kills.

    I know the rat scales badly late game, but when he gets fed, we don't reach late game. The only time I won against him was when my team mates carried me, or when I had a 1vs1 lane against him (though I believe that teemo was inexperienced). I know he is easy to beat, and I know Teemo is a Hard Counter to Volibear, but is there any wat of winning this matchup?


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    References: http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/bo ... ?t=3921858

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