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More Realistic Respawn Mechanics

Tematyka podstawowa, podejście zaawansowane

  • Hi,

    To make the game more realistic and more of a challenge what if when other players where on your ship you didn't respawn on the ship after you die. This would give other players the ability to hijack ships which i think would be a very cool game mechanic and would force players to be more cautious about fighting with a ship full of treasure.
    To take it a step further maybe if your ship sinks you need to find a way back to an outpost to get a new one. This would force players to stay marooned on the nearest island and create a signal to attract a nearby ship and bargain with them to give them voyage to an outpost or sneak aboard the ship and take it for themselves. (This may require a larger game lobby so the wait time for another ship isn't to long).
    I get that this less casual style of game play isn't for everyone and It has many downsides. I just thought it could make for some higher stakes fights and a more realistic pirate experience?

    Please help.

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